This Bowler Knows How To Bowl
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But Does She Know HOW To Teach Someone How To Bowl?
The average league bowlers spends their entire bowling career guessing how to bowl.

They take helpful hints from bowlers who have a higher average than they do believing that they have more knowledge about how to bowl than they do.

Sadly, way to many times this is just not the case.

Experience vs Knowledge

Experience does not equal knowledge. Experienced league bowlers may have some knowledge of how to bowl, but in most cases, that knowledge is primarily about their own game and not the person they are trying to help. They are able to provide bits and pieces, not the whole picture.

No two bowlers are alike. What works for one person may not work for another. A bowlers size, strength, flexibility, age, sex - all need to be taking into consideration. Having a bowler who knows their own game trying to help a bowler who does not have the same skill set, strength orphysical ability does not work.

In the end, they usual provide just enough advice to confuse a bowler or even worse, give bad advice that result in a learning techniques that hurts a bowler game.

For ANY bowler to improve, they need to learn the mechanics that fit their physical abilities…and that means learning from a professional coach can marry those fundamentals to the students abilities.

With over 90 years experience, that is what we are able to do.
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